Saturday, April 2, 2011

Well behaved women rarely make history ~ Marilyn Monroe

April is autism awareness month. Fact 2. More children are diagnosed with autism than cerebral palsy, diabetes, deafness, blindness and leukaemia put together.

Well Maz if that is the case, there should be a library filled with my history. Not that I would say I am badly behaved, just somewhere in between.

I love being a bit of a ratbag.  Define ratbag you might say.  Well I love skinny dipping and have done so in some wonderful places.  Hamilton Island, pacific ocean, caravan parks to name a few.  

I love to laugh, I love to take the micky mostly out of myself but sometimes out of others.  But only the ones I love the most.  I love to live a loud life.  Not loud in volume but loud in action.  I love to love my friends.  I love to celebrate that friendship.  I love to be impulsive.

There are many many things I could write about but I would have to change the names and places to protect my friends who now hold positions of responsibility like school teachers and the like.  Not mentioning any names though Stef.

One night that is very worthy of this post involves a couple of friends, my younger sister and me.  My friends and I were 16 so my sister was 14.  We saw Aussie Crawl at Festival Hall (you younguns just google it).  To cut a long story short we ended up getting invited to their after concert party at the hotel they were staying at. I will add here it was not due to slutty behaviour or dress as we did have standards.  We were so young and innocent but thought we were so worldly and sophisticated.  We rang my parents to beg and plead to be allowed to go.  My parents had faith in us and said yes.  They knew we would look after both ourselves and each other.  We went, we had fun, we didn't act like groupies so we weren't treated like groupies.  It was awesome.  James Reyne is an arsehole by the way.

In my quest for wellness I am going to resume that loud colourful life.  Letting go of inhibitions, taking the lead and being impulsive.  As long as it is legal, does not interfere with my sense of ethics/morals and will not be a source of hurt for others then I am in baby.


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