Monday, January 1, 2001

The A to Z of Pleasurable Activities

One of the important things they talk about in CBT is finding simple pleasurable activities and make sure they become a regular part of your daily life.

At my worst, when my self loathing was so rank I firstly did not feel I deserved pleasure but also was unable to think of any activities that would give me pleasure. I was that numb. It was a truly low point in my life. I looked forward to the opening of a wine bottle and that was about it. I was verging on alcoholism. (did I tell you my liver function test was normal) BIG SIGH

I decided to do an A to Z list for fun and to see if I could find free or low cost pleasurable activities. Guess what? I did it! A lil cheating on x but come on if you can come up with something better than xylophone I am all ears.

A - art
B - blogging
C - craft
D - day spa (had to have it I know it is not free or low cost)
E - entertaining friends
F - felting
G - games as in card games or board games
H - hairdressers
I - iPod
J - journalling
K - kids
L - laughing great big rolling on the floor belly laughing
M - making love (with my face man of course)
N - nuts the eating of (best I could do)
O - op shopping
P - painting (the art kind not the house kind)
Q - quietness
R - reading
S - swimming
T - tv (there is some quality stuff worth watching)
U - undies (buying sexy ones)
V - volunteering
W - Warren
X - exercise
Y - yoga
Z - zoo

Done, who wants to share their A to Z of pleasurable activities
Take care
Laura xx

Location:Belmont hospital