Friday, April 15, 2011

Recovery and Maintenance

I had my final inpatient session with my psychiatrist last night.  It is funny how I have warmed to him.  Initially, I was extremely intimidated by him.  It took a long time for me to firstly trust him and then to open up to him.  The more I was able to trust and reveal all; the more secure and safe I felt with him.  I have told him I have faith in him and will do all he suggests and give it my all.

Two sleeps and I will be home.  Hopefully, for good this time.  I think I am much more prepared than I was the first time I was discharged.  I have a more realistic view of how to manage myself.  I still have great support - that has not changed.  I am more nervous but less anxious.

My psychiatrist has said take it simply, don't rush to do too much and take one day at a time.  So, I plan to.  I will work at keeping a mood diary, I will be mindful and I will also every day make time for myself.  This time will be for me to enjoy small simple pleasures.

I will continue to attend CBT follow up.  I will keep up with my blogging and my drawing.  I will try and be more accessible and outgoing.  I will be present for my children and husband.  And, lastly I will not self-medicate.

Take care,

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