Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Climbing the soap box

OMG I am so nervous.  I am doing something tonight I have not done for 15 years.  Is the mind boggling?  What is it that an almost 42 happily married woman possibly be doing tonight.  What could be something she has not done for 15 years.

It was something I did on a fortnightly basis.  And sometimes had impromptu additional extra curricula meetings. There was always an agenda and you were quite often taken out of your comfort zone.

Tonight, I am attending a Toastmasters meeting.  Not my beloved club from days of old.  Nope! I fear I would feel like their Mother if I attended that club.  It was called Young Achievers and members ranged from late teens upwards.  We said young meant young at heart but seriously, I definitely don't want to be the oldest one there by at least a decade.

I am off to the local suburban chapter.  I will check it out.  See if the fit is good and maybe join up.  Yes I am nervous.  Only because I am meeting new people.  Public speaking I can do on my butt with my eyes closed.  Of course I get nervous but I still love it and do it any chance I get.  Usually, the public speaking gigs I do though are as a volunteer for Autism Qld and I talk about a subject that I am both passionate and knowledgeable of.  I can make grown men cry.

This is for me though.  It will be interesting and I am sure everyone will be lovely.  I can still remember the first meeting I attended some 19 odd years ago.  ah those were the days.

Will keep you posted.

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