Saturday, April 2, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge Day 5

A picture of your favourite memory

This was a really really hard one to choose.  I am fortunate to have many many pictures which add up to a rich full lifetime of memories.  I could have chosen at least 30 different pics.  The one I have chosen harks back to what I call our party years.   You can barely see me.  I am dressed up in work clobber with a vest and tie.  We are dancing probably to something like Village People and this is about 20 odd years ago.

My mid teenage years to my early twenties was filled with sport and parties.  In summer we played softball and in winter we played netball.  Then we played indoor netball all year.  My parents in their unconditional love for my sister and I; founded both a netball and softball club.  My teammates were my best mates.  And as you know a team that parties together stays together.

Our family home was the unofficial club house and we would all converge there every Saturday arvo and drink, replay each single worthy action shot, denigrate the umpire and opposing team and basically have a fabulous night.  We were lucky that the softball club had a few men's teams so there was some pretty nice eye candy but basically just harmless opportunities to flirt with dudes you knew and trusted.

They were my wonder years.  It was a magical time and one that we still talk about, laugh about, and of course every single event becomes larger then life.  Those friends are still my friends now.  They are as much a part of me and my memories, that to lose them would be akin to losing my sight.

We don't see near enough of each other as we all live busy lives ferrying our children around to sporting events helping them to gather their own lovely memories.  But at least 4 times a year we make the effort.  Every school holidays with much emailing and planning we have a card day.  We start at 10am and the card playing is full throttle for the first couple of hours.  As the wine goes down faster, the talking, laughing, crying and adoration takes over and the card playing kind of becomes a side event.  These days are something I look forward to.  It is a consistency.  It adds to those memories and keeps us grounded.

To you girls, man I love you guys.  Thanks for the memories as Fallout Boy would say.

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