Thursday, April 7, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge Day 9

A picture of the person you do the most effed up things with

Apart from my family, this is the person who knows the most about me and has known me for the longest.  We started Grade 1 together.  We have always been friends.  We always will be.  She is as much a part of my life as is oxygen.  A constant and consistent friend.  

Although I can get up to a bit of harmless mischief, I can honestly say I have never really got up to 'effed up stuff'.  

This photo is us at Apollo Bay.  One Australia Day long weekend many years ago we decided to do a Thelma and Louise road trip and picked The Great Ocean Road.  Of course our road trip had a happy ending thankfully.

We had an awesome time taking in the sights, listening to JJJ hottest 100 and just enjoying each others's company.  We both can laugh at the ridiculous and sometimes it doesn't even have to be ridiculous it can just be plain cheesiness.  When this chick gets her laughing gear going it is the best.  It comes out like this a....a.....a.....a.....a......a.....a and it is hilarious, belly clutching stuff.

To you my friend.  Thanks babe.

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