Sunday, April 3, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge Day 6

A picture of a person you'd love to trade places with for a day

It would be easy to choose someone with fame and fortune. Someone like Lady GaGa or Katy Perry but I am not really turned on by fame or fortune.  I would like to have some fortune and maybe a little fame but a different fame.  I would like my fame to be for advocating.  Advocating the rights of the disabled and their carers.

I almost chose the Dalai Lama.  It would be a great way to learn some mindfulness and become a better person. But I think that is a journey each person must take their own way.

So I choose (drum roll please)

I choose Julia Gillard.  Not because I want to be her.   Puhlease.  But I would like to run amuck with some policies and I know you can't make changes in just one day but man it would be fun.  I would love to just have the chance to listen to what the disabled and carer advocates really want.  I would love to get it tabled in parliament but shit I would need more then one day.

So there you have it.  Another idealistic choice from a chic who has been told by her psychiatrist that her idealism is making her sick.  Well I am sick of that too lol.

See you all back her for Day 7 same bat time same bat station.
Over and out

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