Thursday, March 31, 2011

Who wants to be a millionaire? I do!

I know money isn't everything and money can't buy love or happiness.  But far out I wouldn't mind being rich and depressed.  I think it beats being poor and depressed.

For me money isn't about social status or materialism.  Money is about security, stability and ensuring my kids have the best education possible.

I have this running day dream.  I win $30million smakeroos. I love this day dream.  I know exactly what I would do.

1. Pay off the mortgages on my parents, in-laws, Sisters and Brother-in-laws.  Buy them all a brand new car.
2. Donate a big chunk of money to Autism Qld for specific purposes.  Firstly, to update their IT and make sure the admin, therapists, school and students had all the bells and whistles they needed to be completely up to date and leading edge with IT.  Secondly, to offer an annual scholarship for a child to attend Early Intervention.  A child should not miss opportunities because of financial hardship.  I would also of course continue to support all their annual events.
3. Pay for the education of several children through the The Smith Family
4. Buy a holiday house on Hamilton Island for family and friend's use only.
5. Buy a house for us.  A house on about half an acre.  There would be a four bay shed for the Wazmeister to do  his car stuff and have his man cave.  And I would also make sure there would be the coolest skate park for the kids to enjoy as well.  The house wouldn't have to be fancy, just roomy enough to allow for kids, friends and us to relax.
6. Invest $10million in a very safe conservative fund that would just be left to sit there.
7. Whatever was left would be used to start up a property portfolio.  A company owed by me would own the properties and all our immediate family members would be shareholders and receive an income from this.
8. I would have a shopping spree too but that goes without saying lol.
9. Shout a couple of friends to New York for a fabulous shopping and sightseeing holiday.  That would be you SGB, SB (don't know your middle name), SE, AB, SW and my Mum & sister too.
It is terrible, that money has such an importance in our lives. We are ruled by it.  Measured by it. Judged by it.  Having a lot or lack of doesn't matter people still will feel the need to judge.  We have a lack of it.  A significant lack of it.  Not because we have been stupid, or gambled, or lived an excessive life.  But because life is unfair.  To go into the reasons are too personal and not really the point of this post.

Living with no money, knowing your children are missing out on opportunities, seeing your friends enjoy a wonderful lifestyle (which they deserve) tends to get you down.  It has got me down so down that I was not able to see the forest for the trees.

I forgot I still had a family who I love and loves me back.  I forgot laughter with friends is free.  I forgot that sitting in the sun for the pure pleasure of it is free.  I was so so so blinded by our poverty that I forgot it doesn't matter; that there is more to life and it was reachable, achievable and easy.

Yes I would like to have a lot of money.  It would not really change the way I live my life apart from freeing me from financial burden.  I would give a lot of the money away and then tie up the rest of it to provide an income for the people in my life that matter.  It would give me more choices for educating my kids and helping others.  It would ease my worries.

For now, I am going to concentrate on simple free pleasures.  Leave the money worries to my husband (who is fabulous, handsome, sexy and so clever) and just get on with getting well.

Hope you all are enjoying a lovely day, take a moment to enjoy a simple pleasure and smile.

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