Monday, March 28, 2011

I invited Buddha to dinner and Jesus turned up

I love the QWeekend.  It is an insert in Saturday's Courier Mail.  I buy it just for QWeekend and also the book/music/movie reviews.  Oh and my morbid fascination with death notices.

One of my favourite parts of QWeekend is the section where they do a short q&a with a visiting artist/comedian/actor etc.  And of course my favourite question is - Living or dead which five people would you invite to your dinner party.

I have one constant that never changes.  My maternal Grandfather.  Denis Alfred Fearn 21/9/20 - 10/10/62.  He died when my Mum was eleven.  She remembers little about him.  From stories, I have learned he was generous to a fault, a typical aussie larrikan and a loving Father and Husband.  He went AWOL to marry my Nana.  I love that I think it is hilarious.  He also was promoted and demoted several times whilst serving Australia during WWII.  My Mum and my Nana tell me he would have loved his Grandchildren.  I feel his loss.  I mourn his loss.  So he is my number 1 guest. His invite is a sure thing.  The next four are harder and tend to change each Saturday when I take the time to think about this question.

99% of the time guests 2, 3 and 4 would be Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed.  But I always think only one person will turn up.  Why?  I think they are one and the same.  I have faith.  I don't ridicule other people's faith.  I don't shove mine down your throat.  In fact most people reading this might be surprised I have faith.  I was christened Lutheran, confirmed Anglican and attended a Catholic high school. I have very strong eastern spirituality also.  Mostly, I believe like the Dalai Lama that my religion is kindness.  I abhor the hypocracy of many so called Christians.

So if say for instance, I am correct and guests 2, 3 and 4 are one and the same.  I now have two attendants to my dinner party.  Guest 3 would be the person who shot John F Kennedy.  Just because I have to know.  Same with Guest 4.  It would have to be Harold Holt - because I just have to know.  And guest 5.  Probably, Luka Bloom.  My most favourite Irish folk singer. Not that I know many.  He is amazing and talented, easy to listen to and oozes charisma.  Typically Irish.

So there you have it.  I have covered religion, conspiracy theory, some of my family background and chucked in a bit of entertainment to boot.  Go on please.  Go to and check out Luka Bloom.  You won't be sorry.

Today, I have been to a group session.  So feel proud of myself for that.  Later I plan to do some painting outside.

So, my dear friends, who would you invite to dinner?

Take care

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