Thursday, March 31, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge Day 3

A picture of the cast from your favourite show.

Tangle.  Only airs on Foxtel.  Why it has not been picked up by commercial tv is beyond me.  It is a class act Australian drama with excellent Australian talent.  It is available on dvd and I highly recommend you hire this and watch it.  It is one of the best ever Australian drama series I have seen.  I know some of you may scoff and say well that wouldn't be hard.  But with the likes of Love My Way, The Secret Life of Us, Packed to the Rafters, Bed of Roses just to name a few; Australia is quietly and surprisingly emerging with some amazing series that really depict Aussie life.  And not an ocker Aussie life, but a much more sophisticated, multi-culturally colouful life.

Tangle is described as 'the tangled lives of parents, their teenagers, and the shifting moral compass of modern life.'

Quite an impressive cast too.
* Justine Clarke (Love My Way 3, Bastard Boys, Look Both Ways)
* Ben Mendelsohn (Love My Way 2 and 3, Australia, Beautiful Kate)
* Catherine McClements (Water Rats, The Secret Life of Us, Rush)
* Matt Day (Spooks, Hell Has Harbour Views)
* Kat Stewart (Underbelly, Newstopia, Kick, City Homicide) 
* Joel Tobeck (Lord of the Rings, Little Fish, The Water Horse, Accidents Happen)

There have so far been two seasons.  And I eagerly am awaiting season three.

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