Sunday, March 27, 2011

I read the news today, oh boy

Is it just me or are newspapers becoming more boring, more brainwashing, more sensationalist, and just filled with more crap that the owners have made their journalists force feed us.  Can we please not just get a nice old fashion broadsheet full of impartial, unbiased news.

In fact, while we are at it lets make it news worth reading.  Lets only have news about people overcoming impossible odds, about people who altruistically make a difference in peoples lives.  Lets read more about births and marriages.  Obituaries will be allowed but only if they celebrate the deceased's life.

Can we have only advertisements of realistic people who live realistic lives.  No stick figure girls selling cars and tools.  Lets see size 16 girls selling the lifestyle people really have.  Not the one in utopia, you know that foreign land no visa allows entry to.  The one where the model material Mum is a CEO, P&C President, bakes from organic or home grown ingredients and is married to a hunky man who understands women and plays with his kids tirelessly everyday while running a home based IT business with international clients.  The kids dance, play music, excel at sport, sing, are already members of Mensa and are heartbreakingly gorgeous.  They are all standing outside their amazingly gorgeous home with landscaping and design that has never before been seen but can certainly be appreciated.  In their driveway are several gas guzzling 4WD that have never been off road nor are likely to be.  Their dog sits at their feet gazing adoringly at his loving family.  WHAT A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS.

I am sorry, but I do not know anyone like this.  No individual and certainly no family like this.  Why?  They don't exist.  But out in advertising land we are brainwashed to believe this is the norm.  Sorry but another swear word coming up so close your eyes or be warned. Fuck me.  Advertising agencies should be outlawed.  Instead there should be Reality Agencies.  Buy this brand of deodorant and you won't stink.  Use this laundry detergent and your clothes will be clean.  I am sick to death of advertisements who condescend, patronise and dumb down.  Sorry for that little rant.

Back to this newspaper of mine.  It would be filled with these wonderful realistic advertisements but not too many just enough to cover overheads and wages.  You see this newspaper is a paper that is run by a not for profit organisation.  An organisation that has no agendas.  Will not benefit from running certain stories, or supporting certain politicians.  It would be corrupt free and it would be a joy to read.

It would help individuals advocate awareness of issues that are worth advocating.  I see this newspaper taking a similar role as ABC's Australian Story.  Ordinary lives made extraordinary and worth reading about.  It would have an extensive gardening and home made section.  There would be lots and lots of puzzles and all cartoons would be in colour.

Aaaaahhhhhh, I know another ridiculously idealistic idea from me.  But it was fun to write and fun to think about and imagine.

Am off to visit my Nana this afternoon to help her celebrate her birthday.  She is awesome my Nana.  She is responsible for so much richness in my life.  I have learned a love of card playing from her.  She is the smartest most graceful lady I have ever met.  Love her so much.
Take care


  1. Tradional commercial media is rubbish, long live the internet!