Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Take a pinch of white man

Sometimes I really really love facebook.

For instance, I read yesterday that a school friend of mine, who happens to live in Shanghai is running a half marathon along the Chinese Wall.  That is freaking awesome.

Sometimes, I really really loathe facebook.

It is not good for the self-esteem "will you be my friend", oh so and so has de-friended me and also private events made public that perhaps you were not invited to whether by oversight or whatever.  facebook is not good for this.

You need to take everything on facebook with a grain of salt.  Use it for the positives, and if you can't cope with the will you be my friend etc then perhaps facebook is not for you.

I have de-friended a few people.  Some because I really could not think how I knew them, others because I thought I would not have them in my home why do I need them here and then a few who have been hurtful and unsupportive.

But I do love facebook for connectivity.  We live in a busy, frenetic world.  It is hard enough to catch up with your family let alone your friends.  facebook lets you have a quick insight into their world, kind of like periscope up - yep all is right in their little world - down periscope.  You can quickly leave messages on their wall or send more private messages too.  I find it is fast becoming a clever way to get the message out, run a business, you can set up a shopping cart and sell online through facebook.  You have to work like buggery, to get your name out there; but for the determined and persevering you can have a healthy little home business.  Many people now only use facebook for inviting friends to events.  Pretty tough for the non-facebookers but perhaps some people remember them too.

I love that it is a melting pot of global ideas, a world wide meeting of minds.  I quite often am talking on pages run by admins from many different countries.  But we are connecting.  We are saying the same thing.  These are people who think and feel the same but they may culturally be vastly different.  It doesn't matter.

When it comes to depression, the funny thing is, there is no bias, no preference for age, sex, colour, religion.  It affects all stereotypes.  Depression, has brought me in contact with a melting pot of so many different people and I am the richer for it.

So, today I heart facebook.  It helps me, it connects me and perhaps it helps to heal me.

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