Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Art for Arts Sake

If you had told me last year, I would be drawing and creating what I proudly call pieces of art; I would have scoffed, laughed and cynically derided but I can't even draw stick figures you are crazy.  lol.  I read an article recently about attention span and focus.  To put it in plain english, people with ADD/ADHD have much more creative flair then people with great ability to focus and concentrate.

I think this is the reason for my sudden artistic emergence.  Now, please, when I speak about my art.  It is because I appreciate it.  And as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  So to me my creations are beautiful.  That does not mean you will appreciate them.  And that is ok.  It keeps the world interesting.  Life would be pretty boring if we all loved landscapes. ho hum yawn. Since I have become extremely mentally unwell I have also become very scatty, forgetful and have zero attention span.  Maybe this has been the reason I have suddenly become creative.  I wonder?

I going to add some of my pictures.  Not all of them but the ones that are my particular favourites.

Fireworks over the Seine

Always the sun

Central Park


Autumn leaves me happy

I fell

Fallout over Cherry Blossoms

Girl with a pearl earring

Tree of life

There are many more, and I have a couple of works in progress.  I am finding my art both therapeutic and confronting.  It is giving me back my emotions and teaching me how to feel again.  I find myself at times amazingly uplifted and crying from joy and then also feeling sadness.  Not the dark rancid sadness of depression but just plain old sadness.  Mostly it is sadness that I am still unwell and desperately trying and wanting to be better.  I miss my children.  I miss sleeping beside my husband.  I miss our simple happy little life.  I want to go home but I want to go home well.  I am now not asking to have a lighter load, I am now asking for a stronger back.

Like anything, nothing good happens fast.

I am not in hospital twiddling my thumbs, or sleeping the day away, I am working and writing and drawing and becoming stronger.

Take care,

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