Saturday, May 7, 2011

Affirmation Day 8

Last year I discovered a love for craft.  I found I had a good eye for colour and a creative mind.  Big surprise believe me.  I never though was an artist as such.  Until this year I could not even draw stick people.  During my lengthy stay in hospital I found I had developed an artistic talent.  Now this is debatable of course.  Everyone has different taste in art.  But I like it and that is all that matters.

fireworks over the Seine done with oil pastels
Central Park done with oil pastels
I fell done with charcoal, oil and chalk pastels
Songs about rainbows - chalk pastels
Botanicals done with colouring pencils
Girl with a pearl earring done with colouring pencils
dry felted rose brooches
Triptych called Mother done using acrylic paints for my Mother-in-laws 70th birthday

My journey with art has just started.  I am very excited by art.  It helps me with my emotions.  I being a 12 week art course this Monday which I just can't wait for. Whether you like art or not I think it is possible to appreciate imagination and now I will also be learning technique. 

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