Friday, May 27, 2011

Affirmation Day 27

Posting tomorrow's blog tonight as am holding a stall at the markets tomorrow and will be too tired to bother tomorrow.

Certainly one thing I have always been able to do is laugh at myself, or maybe laugh with myself.  Whatever the semantics I am good at it.  Even in the depths of despair whilst in hospital I could honestly laugh at my situation and found something funny about being in a psychiatric hospital.

I think one of the funniest stories is when I found a screw on the floor beside my bed and realised it was missing from my breakfast/lunch/dinner tray which could now rotate 360 degrees without it.  I took much pleasure in letting the nurse know I truly and physically did have a loose screw.  He was a handy fellow that nurse as he laughingly came to my aid.  I told him I bet it is the first time you could ruly (sic) and truly go home to your wife and tell her that you cured a patient of their loose screw.

My partner in crime (in hospital) and I got up to some mischief whilst there.  We figured out we could lock the nurses in the drug dispensing room.  They could not figure out how they were locked in.  At some time there had been a barrel lock on the outside of the door and the locking mechanism had had the arm removed but we used a pen to slide it across and lock them in.  Far out we scored some huge laughs from the patients that night.  Fortunately, the nurses saw the funny side in it too.

We had many other laughs but I will leave that for another day.  Laughing is the best thing you can do.  It makes you feel so good.  Even when tears are streaming down your face and your belly is aching from laughing it is the best feeling.  Hope you guys get that feeling at times too.

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