Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Affirmation Day 17

Struggling today to affirm anything in my life.  I know I should feel grateful for my children.  Today, though I feel traumatised by them.  They are a force of nature that you just cannot contain.   I am tired of fighting with them every day to get up, eat breakfast, turn the tv off, get dressed, brush their teeth, brush their hair, turn their lights off, get their school bags, get their lunches, get in the car.  Each and everyone of these actions requires me to yell, threaten, plead, cajole and at times with Ally deal with her dramas.

So today I am feeling very fragile.  The house is a pig sty. I just want to eat chocolate and sleep but even that is too hard.

Today I am going to celebrate my beret.  I bought it about 17 years ago.  I paid a lot of money for it.  It is 100% wool and it really does look good on me.  I do good beret.

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