Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Affirmation Day 23

Fervet olla, vivit amicitia: While the pot boils, friendship endures. (Meaning the man who gives good dinners has plenty of friends).
Latin Proverb

I do believe I am an excellent cook.  That is when I put my heart and soul into it.  Sadly I don't get many occasions to put my heart and soul into it.  I like to cook with fresh and sometimes exotic ingredients.  When I do get the chance to, it is sublime.

The following pics are the fabulous Christmas spread I did a couple of years ago.

When I cook like this, I need my kids as far from the kitchen as possible.  I need to know they are entertained and not fighting.  When I cook like this I immerse myself completely and need total concentration. But, boy I love it when I get the chance.

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