Sunday, June 26, 2011

One has to wonder?

On recommendation from Royal Australian Mint, our Government is considering scrapping 5 cent pieces. What will be next?  It was in 1990 that our copper one and two cent pieces were recommissioned so to speak.  And now it seems the metal required to produce each 5 cent piece exceeds their face value.

I wonder if 10 cent pieces will shortly follow.  The biggest loser in all this will be our charities.  I know I clear out my ever breeding 5 cent pieces to the lovely old Salvation Army volunteer most Saturdays.  And lets not forget our lovely guide dogs ever present at every Coles and Woolworths checkout.

What about the prices of items.  Will you still have to pay 65 cents for an item and will it be rounded up or down.  Who will be the winner here people.  Maybe they should redesign the 5 cent piece to a more economical design.

I wonder if in twenty years time I will be blogging about the demise of the $2.00 coin?

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