Thursday, June 2, 2011

Getting on my soapbox

I am feeling very frustrated and pissed off today.  I came into hospital on Monday on my doctor's advice.  I came in to get my medication adjusted and yet here we are it is now Thursday and not only has my medication not changed but I am yet to see my doctor.  Had I known it would be take this long there is no way I would have agreed to do it.  I should have been more proactive and asked him would we start straight away if not when and then come in that day.

I have wasted that time and missed my family and it makes me so mad.  This illness is something you try to learn to live with and you try to have a good team behind you but when things go pear shaped it affects everybody.  If I don't see him today I am going to ask if the medication change can be put off til a time when I am in hospital specifically just for that and not for wasting time.

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