Friday, June 24, 2011

Just keep swimming Just keep swimming

Just a quick post to update on how I am faring since last coming out of hospital approximately 4 weeks ago.  I am treading water.  I am not struggling yet but I am still not out of the deep waters.  I had a Mental Health Nurse visit me on Wednesday.  Her role and function is to:

  • establish a therapeutic relationship with the patient ie me
  • liaise closely with family and carers as appropriate
  • regularly review the patient's mental health state
  • administer, monitor and ensure compliance by patient with their medication
  • provide information on physical health care to patients
She can also provide treatment modalities such as psycho-education, CBT, mindfulness skills, relaxation strategies, skills training and interpersonal therapy.

This is an in home service provided as part of the Council of Australian Goverments Better Mental Services for Australia initiative.

This service will continue for as long as my psychiatrist and nurse feel I will benefit from it.

My first meeting with her went well.  I liked her.  That is a big bonus.  I felt she was very competent and capable and I felt I could trust her and hopefully her strategies and support will help me not just stay out of hospital but start seeing some kind of light at the end of the tunnel.

Either that or I will just have to eat more chocolate.

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  1. The chocolate option is just sooo tempting.......
    The nurse sounds great.