Friday, June 3, 2011

Getting my mojo back

If you have been following my blog, you will know that on Monday I came back into hospital.  Not because I was unwell but because I had made no progress.  My doctor was not happy and wanted to look at changing my medication.

I finally saw my doctor yesterday.  Let me tell you that was one long and lengthy wait.  He gave me three options.

Option 1 was to wean off the current medication.  For about 50% of people there will be nasty side effects.  Jitters, shakes, headaches, nausea, vomiting.  Then go onto a new medication altogether.

Option 2 was to increase the current medication I am on and stay in to make sure I had no side effects and to make sure it would work.  (this involves the shortest stay if successful)

Option 3 was to do option 2, find it did not help and then start option 1.

Of course I chose option 2.  I figured it was the quickest path to coming home (if successful) and if it did not work well option 1 was really the only other choice I just took a more indirect path to it.

I do feel a little better having made the decision.  I was very anxious about what my doctor would be suggesting and what it would involve.  I also knew coming off my current medication can be hellish for some people.  I am missing home and wishing myself there but of course realise the necessity for the current course I am taking.

I also miss having access to all my craft notions as I am feeling very creative and would like to be doing something instead of just sitting around waiting for either something or nothing to happen.  Not a lot of fun in here let me tell you.  Most of the fun happens around the smoker's table.  A lot of people take up smoking when they come in here.  I can understand why.  I won't.  Can't afford it and can't afford what it does to my body either.  I am unfit enough as it is.

Will keep you posted on how I am faring with option 2.  Fingers crossed it will do the job and I will be back home with my lovely husband and kids very very soon.

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