Friday, June 17, 2011

Normal is just a setting on your washing machine

Thanks to a number of reasons I actually had a really great day today.  About time I felt like I was not carrying a huge load or felt totally flat and numb.  It was wonderful to feel alive today.  I won't go as far as saying I was totally happy but I did feel pretty good.

I hung out with a couple of friends today.  Firstly we did a bit of shopping and I picked up some Riot branded pens which are the same as Copic Markers.  But these ones were much much cheaper.  They Copic ones cost about $12.99 each.  The Riot ones are $5.99 but I picked up 15 discontinued colours at $2.99 each.  Saved me some big bucks.  These markers are going to be very handy with working on my art journal.  They are an alcohol based marker and blend really well.

We then had a knitting lesson.  Big Oh.  The ladies who were of a very excellent vintage were amazing.  They get together on a regular basis but where I live on the 3rd Friday of each month.  They knit for kids in crisis who have arrived at a Foster Family with just the clothes they are wearing.  They also, this year have knitted items for flood victims.  AND, today donated their 1000th item for flood victims.  It was a beautiful rug.  We had our local Federal MP Ross Vasta drop in to commemorate the occasion.  Such amazing women.  Lil ole me is going to attempt a scarf for their cause.

When I got home I sorted my very expensive markers, Prisma pencils, charcoal and graphite pencils and had so much fun doing it.

We have had trouble free pizza for dinner and I am about to pig out on chocolate.  Yay what a day.

Hope your's has been as good.

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