Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh what a day

Thanks to the lovely M, I had an awesome day today.  After dropping the kids off at school we planned to meet, have a coffee and enjoy a chat.  When that was done we both agreed a swing by Spotlight was in order.  Well, I totally planned to just window shop (as you do) but found some really great bargains to help merrily help me along my crafting way.

We than decided another coffee was in order because we needed a caffeine jolt to awaken our senses after a fun shop.  I love Spotlight.  Going there makes me realise how much I can't do but also gets my creative juices flowing.  There was a knitting for charity group out the front and they are at my local library the third Friday of each month.  So next week I am off to the library for a knitting course.  Yay.  That will be one tick off my list of things I want to learn this year.  The other two are sewing and am still working on crocheting.

After a full 24+ hours out of hospital I am feeling pretty ok.  I don't do stress good but who does?  I still find my son's challenging behaviour pretty tough but then again anyone would.  So all in all I guess I am doing ok.  I would like to be doing a bit better but this is enough for now.

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