Saturday, October 15, 2011

Is it that hard to be silent

A subject I have lightly touched on very ambiguously, but never, really gone into depth is the bullying that is happening at our school.  It is not the kids but a couple of the Mothers.  It is disgusting behaviour and it is unwarranted, unkind and a true revealing of the lack of character in these people.

I have avoided writing about it and have never responded in person, in the hope my silence would see an end to it.  Afterall, if you don't add fuel to the fire than it can no longer burn.  This situation, however, seems to be an inferno burning out of control.

Once again, I won't go into details but what I can't understand is how some people can be so unkind.  Particularly, when the only thing I am guilty of is having a nervous breakdown and suffering from a subsequent mental illness.  How dare I.  A couple of my friends have also become fodder for their nastiness because they have refused to give up on our friendship and thus sully themselves with such juvenile highschool antics.

This is a situation that has been noticed by other people (despite our silence).  The actions of these bullies are being commented on and while their is no 'sides' so to speak, people are noticing who is loud and who is silent.

I will continue to remain silent, firstly because I won't stoop to their level, but secondly, I won't sacrifice my own values for five minutes of self satisfaction.  Despite the hurt, years on when I look back on this time, I know I will be proud.  Proud that I was able to maintain my dignity, keep my temper and offer them no reason to continue their nasty campaign.

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  1. Hi sweety you know I whole heartedly agree and understand. You and I have spoken on this matter somewhat and I say again. People only have the power to affect you and how you view yourself if you let them. You have the choice to accept their spiteful, inane drivel or you can repel it. The opinion of those who are not your friend, do not value, care or respect anything or anyone should not supersede that of those who love, know, respect and value you for who you are no matter what. Take it from one of their targets, not victim. I truly understand but it is not you who should hang your head in shame, be afraid to walk the grounds of your own children s school, or local area. It is them. They shame and demean themselves, their partners and their own children most of all. It is our pity and forgiveness, as hard as that may be at present, they need not hate and revenge as you say.