Sunday, September 11, 2011

Doctor Doctor Gimme the News

Tomorrow, we have an appointment with Clay's paediatrician.  He works in the Mater Behavioural Unit (read autism).  Realistically and rationally you know the appointment will be the same old same old.  You will talk about how he is going on his medication.  Talk about his behaviour and any concerns you have and that will be about it.  But leading up to each appointment (usually every six months) you will have a small spark of hope.  Hope for a cure or just even answers.  This hope is never ever fulfilled.

I am sure this is something any parent of a special needs child goes through.  It is not fun let me tell you.  After the appointment, you feel disappointment.  WHY can the doctor not give you what you want.

Tomorrow, we are asking for a referral to a children's psychiatrist.  Clay has pretty severe OCD.  He is obsessed with the weather and terrified of storms.  This obsession and fear is getting worse the older he gets. Hopefully, a psychiatrist will be able to teach us some tools to use with Clay to help him overcome the fears and perhaps make the OCD not so all-consuming.

Wish us luck.

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