Monday, September 12, 2011

9/11 Will Never Be Just Another Day

Like any momentous occasion unless you were too young or not born every person in the Western World can tell you where they were when the World Trade Centre, NYC was attacked.

I remember it was quite early in the morning here and my Mum rang and said quick turn on the tv.  My husband was still in his pyjamas, I was three months pregnant with Clay.  After the second tower was struck I can remember I begged my husband to stay home from work.  You see I was terrified the whole world was under attack.

It was such a traumatic even and I was in Brisbane, Australia.  I can't even begin to imagine how a New Yorker felt.  I remember telling my husband if anything further happened he was to come straight home from work.  Being pregnant and hormonal didn't help.

Every year I think of that time and in turn think of the victims and their families.  So brave and strong.

It may be the 10th anniversary but it still feels like yesterday.  All I can think and hope is that we never have to endure anything so traumatic again.

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