Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bloody Life is Cramping My Style

Just a little poem written by moi-

Life can kick you when your down
Take the wind from your lungs
Knock your feet right out from under you
Punch you in the guts

How can you fight back -
When you can't see life
An invisible opponent
A silent assassin

A selection of weapons
A sick sense of humour
No sense of fairness
No reason no justice

Integrity, morals, ethics mean nothing
Life will trod on you like an ant
So what that you are honest and kind
Life cares not, Life comes for you regardless

So, now I need to find a way to tell Life to get a Life.  I need to free myself from crap that has been burdening me for many years.  I may walk tall but my heart carries such a load that I am surprised I have not turned grey from bad circulation.

How do you let go.  What if anger is the only emotion you feel anymore.  How do you let go of crap and release that anger.  I am afraid that anger is all that is left that defines me.

I certainly would welcome any advice on letting go.

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