Saturday, October 9, 2010

R U Okay

Thursday was R U OK? day here in Australia.  A great concept and one I hope they continue with but more then once a year.

As a sufferer of chronic depression you really do appreciate people who follow up with you and continue to make the effort to remain in touch.  I often fall off the grid.  I can't talk to people on the phone.  I find it difficult to get out of bed and shower.  I say no to invitations or just don't turn up.  Why is it that you always make excuses other then depression.  I do talk openly about my disease and yes it is a disease.  Yet, if I am not going to attend an occasion where I have said yes I will lie and say that the kids are sick or my husband is out etc.  You feel as if depression is not a good enough reason or that people will think it is a cop out.  Believe me, I would prefer to be able as I am willing.

I don't know about other sufferers but personally I don't want sympathy.  I just want understanding and support.  If you know someone who has fallen off the grid; give them a call.  Drop in and see them.  Overlook the messy house, the dirty dishes on the sink, the lack of shower and grooming.  This person is in a personal battle.  A battle to live a life rather then just exist.

This illness is one that is so insidious because not only are you already sick but you then feel guilty for not being able to do all the things other Mothers do for their children.  Or you feel guilty that your husband comes home from work to a messy house and has to cook dinner, wash up and maybe do a load or two of washing. Far out, if you were in bed with any other chronic illness then it would be acceptable.

So, I will personally try to not feel guilty and I will ask you my friends to understand, support and keep in touch.


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