Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Do it because you love it

I have successfully placed some of my items into a local shop who will be selling them on consignment for me.  When I emailed the owner I was so thrilled that she took them and I thanked her and then stated that I hope people love the items.  I probably should have said I hope people buy them.  Sometimes doing something is just for love.  The fact that we perhaps get to make a small amount of money to cover costs is a bonus.

Please go here Dolls & Doilies to check the shop out.  They have absolutely beautiful items there.  They are a local business owned by locals.  They support other (dare I say it) artists like myself.  (OMG I struggle to think of myself as an artist - but I design and then create so I guess that means I am!!!).

Now another lovely local shop practically next door to Dolls & Doilies is Beadoire.  Only walk in there if you want to sneak a glimpse of heaven.  They sell some exquisite things in there and lean towards french provincial.

I made this from a vintage lace collar, some ribbon from Crazy Clarks, vintage glass buttons from my Nana and Pritt glue.

More hair clips and tiny ones for bubbas.

Dolls & Doilies.

The pic above and below is Beadoire.

Now, just a little soap box preaching because I can.  I am a big believer in supporting my local businesses.  It keeps local people employed which in turn sees more money spent in local businesses.  Yes I realise I could perhaps buy cheaper elsewhere but sometimes economy is about the bigger picture.

Please remember this when you are shopping around.  There are lots of little boutique shops and artists who are really struggling and will bend over backwards to get your business and keep you happy.

Okay, jumping off the soap box.  Have a great day and please tell me what you have made today.

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