Friday, October 8, 2010

My Beautiful Children

Last night a huge storm hit somewhere during sleep time.  Normally, I would wake think oh bliss.  I love the drama of storms.  The lightning, the thunder, the heavy rain.  I of course wish no harm also on people and property during storms as they can be devastating too.  I respect storms.  However, my eight year old son is terrified of storms.  He watches the weather and then spends the rest of the night practically inside my skin begging me to ring God to ask him to stop the storms.  It is heartbreaking.  Well last night the first thing I knew of the storm was when Clay jumped into bed with us and was crying and shaking in fear.  Oh dear, the poor darling.

This is a photo of a storm heading our way when we were on holidays January this year.  I can't recall Clay being scared then.  This is really a new thing for him.

This is my beautiful daughter, Ally.  I spent last night cutting up doilies for craft work.  She sat beside me chatting away and making these pretty little displays. She is such a delight as is Clay.

Another pic of the lovely displays my darling made.  She really has a good eye don't you think?

Some more hair clips off to happy customers.

I am off to the tip shop this morning with a dear friend.  I met her when I bought a car bed for Clay.  She kindly delivered it for me.  We got to chatting realised we were kindred spirits and now regularly meet up to op shop.  See you soon Berns.

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