Thursday, September 23, 2010

Naughty Naughty Me

Here is what has kept me busy for the past few weeks and kept me away from blogging.

I made this

I sold this

I consulted on this (my first deceased estate consultation)

I listed these on ebay.  My Nan has recently moved into an aged care facility after a stroke some months ago.  We have begun the task of helping her sort a life time of treasures.  Some I have been lucky to receive but some have to be sold to help cover the costs of her care.  We have been blessed to have her join us in all the decisions about what should be done with what.  I plan on writing a more detailed blog dedicated to my beautiful Nan later on this year.

I farewelled a dear friend who lost his brave fight with brain cancer.  Craig and his lovely wife Kathryn and their two sons have been very good friends since meeting them as fellow parents in our son's prep year at school almost 4 years ago.  He was an amazing Husband, Father and community member.  Nothing was ever too much and he was the first one to put his hand up when help was required.  He was a big kid, a big larrikin and a much loved man.  Having well over 300 people at his funeral is a testament to the man he was.  RIP Craig we will always be there for Kathryn, Jackson & Bailey.

It is now school holidays here and my son, Clay is trialling a new medication so it has been a big adjustment.  My daughter has been quite stressed also.  Having an autistic brother can be like living in a war zone for her.  I of course deal with most things by shutting down.  Have been feeling very withdrawn lately and everyday I get out of bed is a bonus.  But, I am rallying and realising that hey really you have a husband and your kids have a Dad so suck it up.

Til next time, Laura


  1. So you have a blog too. That is great. I have a friend out here...her name is Coreen and her blog is velvet over steel. Mother of three and one of her boys I believe has autism. She is an awesome lady, very active in her boys life, and I think you would like her blog a lot. She is a very positive loving gal. I think that is so sad about your friend Craig, may he rest in peace and his family carry on the best they can without his wonderful presence. They will always have his spirit.

  2. I read your post at Debbiedoos and had to come over and say hi. Don't you ever be intimidated to post a reply, and you certainly don't have to if you don't want to. You can just make it short and sweet like, Great Job! For a busy Mom it sure looks like you get a lot done, i hate to hear about your friend. It seems like now that I am in the blogging world there is an awful lot of illness and death as there are so many bloggers that I follow. Debbie is a great lady and I agree with you, I love her blog.