Tuesday, September 28, 2010

10 Years Today

10 years ago today I met the man I would later marry.  Our first date was at a little cafe in New Farm and he was nervous and gentlemanly.  I fell in love with him on the spot.  10 years later, still madly in love.  He is like a quiet place in my mad world.  We have endured many challenges some of which include having our son diagnosed with autism which led to us selling our house.  He has been there for me through some pretty bad depression and never once complained after working a 10-12 hour day and then come home to an incapacitated wife and then bathed and fed the kids and then picked up after them.

Thanks babe, you are my little piece of heaven here on earth.


  1. Thats lovely honey. Thank you. Happy anniversary and looking forward to many more.


  2. How beautiful Laura and Warren. All the best wishes for the 10th Anniversary of your meeting. May there be many many many more anniversaries! Have a great anniversary dinner tonight!

  3. I love how in love you are. It's just beautiful. I feel the same way about my hubby!!