Monday, September 27, 2010


Hi there from lil ole me in Brisbane, Australia.  I just got some comments from people who I don't actually know.  Better yet, they are fellow bloggers and write delightful blogs that I have followed for a few months and totally love.  Thanks so much.

Today I have been taking photos of items to sell on ebay and some of it I have to share with you.  Some has come from my Nana's house and some are treasures I have collected along the way.

French Provincial Antique style rotary phone which still works.

Sweet pic of little girl depression era (not related - could not sell if it was family)

Lovely doily with bluebirds

Butterfly doily

Sweet embroidered shower cap

Brand new in box vintage hankies

Another depression era black & white photo

This book is just divine.  It is like a card to the Bride but is filled with pages and pages of delightful images and poetry.  (more pics will be on my ebay listing)

EPNS Fish cutlery with faux bone handle

Embroidery needing a frame

More embroidery needing a frame

Knitting needle case

egg beater

Adorable grooming/manicure set

Sweet little forks

This is a set of coronation emblems to trace around and colour!

Last, but not least two vintage baby dresses probably around 6 - 12 months.  I also have some fall linen to list too.

What is your favourite item and would you buy it here

Until next time,


  1. Gosh you have some beautiful items there Laura. Just lovely.

  2. Thanks - none of it is on ebay yet and I am at Wynnum if there is something you are interested in.