Sunday, July 18, 2010

Would Like Your Advice

Hello out there in blogville.  I scored big time with some beautiful pieces of Holly Hobbie wallpaper and really would like suggestions on what to do.  I was thinking I could cut the different Holly Hobbie girls out and then glue onto painted timber for gorgeous wall art.  I might even use one of these for my very first ever "drum roll please" ................. give away.  Just trying to get a few more followers and how do you do that also?

I am also busily preparing for the first of my permanent stalls at the Silky Oaks Carboot Sale, Manly Rd, Manly West.  Next one is on 24th July and are monthly I think 3rd Saturday of each month.  I am offering delish shabby chic wares that I have picked up along the way.  Sometimes loved and adored by me and sharing the love.

Just some teasing little picks of items that are now for sale in my ebay store


  1. Hi Laura, with your holly hobby wallpaper - depending on how much you got but I think it would suit a decoupage piece - like a hat box? just as an example (not sure about that if its a bit babbish and not many girls would have hat boxes but it might not be used for that either I guess - it may just be a piece on display). In fact any box would do then it can be for personal items for a little girl or something.? I think decoupage - although time consuming as you have to lacquer quite a few times the effect for your shabby chic could be fantastic. What do you think?
    Best of luck with the markets on the weekend too

  2. hey Berns that is a great idea now to find a hat box