Friday, July 16, 2010

Before and After Cane Chair

Just to change the subject completely I just have to share this bargain with you.

Well the lighting was not great when I took this pic.  It is a about 80cm high and is an exquisite embroidered piece professionally framed behind non-reflective glass and cost the grand sum of $7.00.  I will show a better pic when it is on the wall in Miss Ally's bedroom.

Now back on track.  A couple of weeks ago I bought a cane chair on ebay for $6.74.  Funny story as not long after it closed a friend messaged me on facebook?  Did you just buy a cane couch on ebay. 

So we painted it with plain old primer.  Bought a chair cushion from a little op shop down the road which was $8.00 and then bought the two beige striped ones at a department store (they cost more then the chair and floral cushion)

Then bought this wicker chair on ebay for $20.50 - just looking for the right cushion now.

Drooling still now.  Hope you all have a lovely weekend


  1. Wow you are so clever! I have a cane chair on my balcony - unpainted - but having seen yours I am tempted to add it to my hubby's "to do" list.

  2. Hi Laura, I found you! There is a fullstop missing in your blog address in your settings and it makes it hard for people to return your comment - might like to check that one. Love your finds and your cane and cushions are gorgeous. Great to find another Brisbane Blog!

  3. Thanks Pam I will take a look am still learning the ropes. I am hosting a stall at Silky Oaks Carboot sale on Saturday 24th July and am planning on booking a permanent stall so if you are looking for something to do head on over. Silky Oaks is on Manly Rd, Manly West