Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Art Exhibition

Guess what?  I am entering some of my pieces into an art exhibition. It is being hosted by the same hospital I have spent much time in this year.  Obviously, one of the conditions of entry is that you are a past or present patient of same hospital.

I had to fill out a form, settle on titles and talk about both the medium ie acrylic painting, sculpture, illustration and also provide a brief description of the work.  We are also asked if we want to sell said piece.   "Ooooooh yes please".  Imagine just imagine.  Not just do I have the opportunity to exhibit my work but also to sell it.

Apparently this exhibition is quite the draw card and attracts many serious art aficionados to the event.  Humble lil ole me will be just peeing my pants with excitement to attend let alone exhibit.  I don't expect to sell any work but you never never know.

If you would like details of when and where (being held later this month), please email me for details.
Take care

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